About Us

America has a sickness called leftism. We here at 8.3 Leader aim to be a part of fixing that through our actions, and how we live our lives. We believe in a few things here, if any of these offend you, perhaps you suffer from the sickness. We have a three-tier treatment plan.

Level 1- Try wearing our t-shirts and see how people react and actually talk about these issues.

Level 2- Lvl1 treatment, plus researching the truth, reading the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and some history books. Bonus points for reading actual statistics.

Level 3- You are not totally gone, but steps 1 and 2 aren’t working. Read the Bible. Only God can work Miracles.

What We Believe

PEACEFUL free speech for all

Guns. They are not just for hunting squirrels. There needs to be a VERY VERY VERY GOOD REASON for denying someone this right.

Government should work for the people.

The current government is too big

The government is abusing its power and does not respect or listen to its citizens.

You have a personal responsibility for your actions

You should always be morally consistent and evaluating your actions, to self-check on that point

America is special because its ideals are special and morally right

We don’t have to believe in what the government is doing, to still love America and what we are supposed to be

In America, you should be judged on the content of your character, not the color of your skin, the status of your birth, or what your father did before you.

Selective outrage is immoral and not helpful in finding the best ideas and ways to be united as a people

Criminals are not Martyrs just because you know their name

Innocent until proven guilty should still be a thing.

We don’t kneel for the Anthem.

We sure as shit don’t burn American Flags.

We display these ideas and ideals through our products. Some products may be satire, comedy, or harsh truth. Some you might agree with, some you might disagree. If you really hate us, buy a shirt, and burn it. We are normal blue-collar folks and would appreciate the cashflow.