About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

To encourage the growth of conservativism in America and to support individuals in the pursuit of living the most successful and fulfilling life possible.


To revolutionize how Americans come together to share the conservative lifestyle experience.

Who Are We?

We are a growing group of people who love freedom and our fellow Americans. You do not have to fear losing the friendship of a coworker, a neighbor, a family member if they do not agree with your views. Here at 8.3Leader, people have found new friends, and new family.

We have shared holiday meals, opened our homes to one another, watched our kids play together, confided in each other, helped each other build homes, move furniture, work on cars, cried, laughed, sang songs, prayed, and built a real bond, as we face the unknown future together.  This is more than some social media group. We are real people, living life together like it used to be done not so long ago.