This is a NON-PARTISAN 24/7 vigil to support all shifts of employees of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

We will be joining ALL POLITICAL GROUPS and groups in general who are tired of their rights being stepped on. We will have a sign-making station and will be sharing more details about the progress of this fight there at the main intersection near Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center on RT 120 at the intersection, not the hospital property.

The focus is to get the attention of the employees who are not vaccinated and can become plaintiffs in the lawsuit before it’s too late and they fold to the vaccine mandates. Not knowing anyone is fighting for them.

This is a standing protest and will continue to stand 24/7. We are holding signs and American flags etc.

WE NEED YOU out here to help support the employees! Their shift change runs around 6AM to 8AM and 6PM to 8PM. Those are the times we need the most support!

We already have libertarians, republicans, constitutionalists, liberals, and democrats, all donating and joining us.

We don’t care if you are a biker or a beauty queen. EVERYONE needs to get out and show their support for Freedom and Liberty. THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE!

Please do not bring one-sided political stuff, and if possible- consider conceal vs open carry. We can’t morally ask for no open carry, we don’t have that authority, but in an effort to unite on this biggest issue, we are going to try to not scare away any anti-gun, liberals that would otherwise stand with us.

For more information about the lawsuit being brought against Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and the New Hampshire Liberty Defense organization check out the links below.